Where to Store Leftover Paint

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After you’ve painted your home, you’ll most likely wind up with leftover paint. This isn’t a bad thing! You’ll be able to use that extra paint for touchups and other projects in the future. To ensure that you’re able to keep everything in good condition, you need to know how and where to store leftover paint.

At American Self Storage, we recommend that you store leftover paint in a cool, dry area like your basement or a utility closet. An air-conditioned storage unit of the correct size is another perfect place. When the paint is away from sunlight in a temperature-controlled room, it’s less likely to become unusable. Make sure you keep the paint on a shelf and out of reach of children. Keeping it on a shelf helps the cans avoid any moisture that may build up on the floor and subsequently cause rust.

Keep Your Leftover Paint Cans Organized

Besides figuring out where you’re going to store your leftover paint cans, you should come up with a way to organize them. This will save you from opening every single can paint next time you need to use it.

If you only have a little bit of paint left, consider dividing it into smaller cans. Mason jars work great because they’re clear, so you can easily see the color, and you can tightly seal them.

Labeling your paint is also a huge help. Whether you choose to write its name on the lid or paint a brushstroke on the outside of the can, knowing what you’re working with saves you time down the line.

How to Store Leftover Paint

Properly storing your leftover paint will ensure you’ll be able to use it for years to come. CertaPro Painters of Ocala and the Villages recommend tightly sealing the paint so no air can get into the can. You can do this by placing a layer of plastic wrap between the lid and the can and using a rubber mallet to seal the top.

Don’t let your extra paint go to waste! Use these tips on where to store leftover paint, and you’ll be able to access your paint whenever you need to.

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