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Packing Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Imagine moving and arriving at your new place only to discover that your prized possessions have been ruined as a result of poor packing supplies. To keep your belongings protected, it’s important to pack your items them correctly and with the proper packing materials. If you’re prepping for a big move, learn more about essential packing supplies that you didn’t even know you needed.

  • Heavy-Duty Double-Wall Boxes. You are undoubtedly going to need plenty of boxes to pack, but don’t settle for boxes that you find lying around. Instead, opt for heavy-duty boxes that offer added protection. The double-walls provide you with extra strength so that nothing falls out of the sides, helping to ensure that your possessions stay safely packed. Heavy-duty boxes are the best option for transporting fragile items that are prone to breaking, but work just as well for other household items and personal belongings. You can find heavy-duty boxes at shipping supply companies or self-storage facilities like American Self Storage.
  • Forearm Forklift. This handy lifting strap system is a must for moving bulky furniture pieces. A forearm forklift encourages proper lifting and improves your overall mobility when moving an object. The adjustable lifting straps allow you to transport various-sized possessions without worrying about lifting injuries, and makes packing larger fixtures onto the moving truck a whole lot easier.
  • Perforated Bubble Wrap. In addition to the sturdy boxes, you’ll need padding to cover the items you’re packing to prevent damage. Opt for heavy-duty bubble wrap that’s perforated. The perforations leave eliminate the need for guesswork when tearing off a piece to use. When it comes to the size of the bubbles: choose small bubble wrap for surface protection and light cushioning; medium for a multi-purpose option that will protect both delicate items and heavy objects; large for void-filling empty space in boxes.
  • Auto-Retractable Ceramic Box Cutter. Don’t forget to consider the tools you’ll need to unpack once you move in! A ceramic box cutter with auto-retractable blades are the safest option. The blade is only exposed when you click the button, making it a safer alternative to folding metal knives. In addition, ceramic lasts much longer than traditional steel blades, meaning you’ll be able to cut through packing materials without having to replace the blade as frequently.

Moving into a new home is already stressful and overwhelming enough. Pack your belongings correctly with the best packing supplies.

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