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Moving is a physically tolling. From packing your belongings to lifting heavy boxes, the process of moving your belongings from one location to another can pose a challenge to even the fittest of people. To make moving as easy as possible and to avoid injury while doing so, consider these moving safety tips.

Watch the weight of your boxes. When you pack, avoid cramming a lot into one box. You should be able to lift the box comfortably without straining. As a general rule, a box exceeding 50 pounds is too heavy. When lifting a heavy box, make sure you are using the proper method, lifting with your legs to avoid injuring your back. In addition, be sure that the box isn’t bulging out – this is a sign that you’ve over packed it, and it could rip or tear during the moving process.

Create an organized process. Keeping yourself organized is one of the best things you can do during a move. Little things like labeling your boxes and color-coding items so you know which room they belong in can help expedite the move-in process. Properly marked items can go to their designated rooms, making unpacking an easier task. It also helps to maintain a master list of all of your belongings to ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Dress for the task. Moving can get quite messy, so make sure you’re wearing something that you can move around in that you don’t mind getting dirty. Make sure whatever your wearing isn’t too baggy – loose clothing runs the risk of getting caught on moving supplies, like the truck or sharp edges of furniture. Always wear close-toed shoes when you move to avoid cuts and scrapes on your feet.

Get people to help you. If you have friends or family that are available on the day you’re set to move, ask them for their help. You can never have too many hands when it comes to moving. The physical support these people can offer is one thing, but they’ll also be there to provide emotional support and make the moving process easier overall.

Make sure you eat. Moving takes a lot of energy, so it’s important that you stay fueled and hydrated. If you feel hungry throughout the process, stop and take a snack break. Keeping your body full of proteins and carbohydrates will give you the energy you need to complete your move. If you’re moving during the summer months, take in a drink that has electrolytes to replace any hydration you’re losing when you sweat. By staying hydrated and fueled with the right foods, you’ll be able to complete your move without a hitch!

Keep the kids safe. If you have little ones, make sure they’re occupied on moving day. Have a friend or parent watch the little ones, as they can easily become injured by moving equipment like box cutters and any heavy machinery being used. The older kids can help you pack up boxes, but make sure they know not to lift them .

Most importantly, keep a first aid kit on-hand. If anyone is hurt, you’ll have the supplies you need. Of course, if the injury is severe, call emergency services right away.

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