How To Load A Moving Truck | Best Way To Pack A Moving Van

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Whether you’re moving into your first home or packing away a few things to put into storage, loading a moving truck or van can be tricky. Often, you’re dealing with a small amount of space, a ton of belongings, and time constraints on your rental. Discover some helpful tips for packing up a truck to make moving day a breeze!

Gather materials and tools. To make packing a smooth process, make sure you have the necessary tools set and ready to use before you actually start packing. Boxes will help keep like items together and organized throughout the move. Keep a dolly handy to move awkward or especially heavy items, or a number of boxes at once. If you are planning on moving furniture, you will want to have a tarp to wrap the furniture in to prevent damage.

Disassemble large furniture pieces. Store screws and nails from furniture in small jars or plastic bags and tape them to a piece of the furniture. Once moved, the furniture can easily be reassembled without having to search for screws. Disassembled furniture will also fit better into the back of a moving truck, and ultimately take up less space.

Pack and label boxes. Try to pack your boxes room by room so that you can keep like items together. It also helps to label the boxes, like “Kitchen” or “Bedroom” so you can get a general idea of where they go when you move and what’s inside of them without having to open or disassemble the entire box. For added convenience, make a list of what the box actually contains (shirts, shorts, etc.). Get the most out of your boxes with our helpful packing tips.

Load the truck. The heaviest items should be loaded first. Utilize the back space of the truck for bulky furniture pieces and electronics. Then, working outwards fill in the walls of the truck with boxes and other odds and ends. Packing around the walls of the truck will allow you to leave an aisle down the center. Pack the boxes that house important everyday items like clothing and toothbrushes towards the front of the truck so they’re easily accessible. Ensure the safety of everyone with these moving safety tips.

No matter where you’re moving your things, pack them safely and properly into a moving truck with these tips!

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